Dad, Grandpa, and Uncle Items
Mom, Grandma, & Aunt Items
Children & Misc Items
Licensed Sports Items

The pictures above represent some of our newest products keep in mind that this is not our entire product line. Each year we will send your school a broad selection of items imprinted for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Brother, Sister, Aunt and Uncle in various price categories.  This means the shoppers have multiple choices available for their loved ones.  



Our family selects the products you see in your school and we focus on on product quality for the price. In addition, we look at product packaging and try to get many items in printed color boxes.  This adds value to the giver that their gift is meaningful.  Many of our compeitors have a significant number of their items in poly bags. We organize our gift line so that schools see as few repeat items at their school as possible.  We have heard from so many schools that other companies send the same tired product to their school year after year.  


Gift Pricing

If higher priced gifts are a concern for your school, we offer price caps where you can select a maximum gift price of $5.00, $7.00 or $10.00 (with the exception of some licensed sports items).  In general, our gifts are priced at or below our competitors because Fun Services is the largest in school gift shop provider in the country and has exclusive products and unbelievable buying power.  This gives you the best products at the best prices while being locally owned and operated.



Your chairperson selects how much profit your organization makes from selling the products in your school.  They is available at no profit, 6%, 10%, 20%.  Add in the incentives we offer of 10% cash back to your school and you can raise funds for the needs of your school.